Monday, 11 February 2019

Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt #4

Today's post is the fourth one taking part in Eileen at A Bracelet of Days' Scavenger Hunt challenge. In case you haven't yet stumbled across them I first mentioned the challenge back on 1st December 2018 and have so far made three other posts containing photographs:
1  on 7th December 2018
2 on 23rd December 2018 
3 on 30th January 2019

You can find links to other bloggers taking part on Eileen's post from 2nd February

Enjoy x

15. Flight. This was a lucky shot whilst dropping J off at the allotment on 5th February. There were several small birds all fluttering around the hedgerows and I just managed to catch this Great Tit coming into land in the hazel hedge. The photo has been cropped from the original to get a closer look but is otherwise unaltered.

8. Chocolate. We're still finishing off some of the Christmas chocolate that J was given but this tub was almost at an end when the photo was taken... It may be suggested that it only lasted as long as it did because I don't like the Snickers but that would be thoroughly unfair... maybe....

3. Fastener. This oriental box decorated with lacquer and mother of pearl was an eighteenth birthday present from my parents and has a really unusual fish shaped clasp. Looking at it this closely shows up it's need for a polish!

4.Nail. Another box I have was made from old floor boards and bought at a craft fair the first year I moved to Stratford. It's clasp is made from an old iron door nail.

18. A natural feature. One of the joys of having an old tree in the garden is watching the lichens appear year on year. 

So that makes 14 of the 20 photos complete. More next month.


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