Sunday, 24 February 2019

Playtime part 3

Looks like i should have read a bit wider before starting the glass works. Apparently there are several different types of paint - it seems I bought the bakeable liner but the no-need-to-bake-but-don't-put-in-the-dishwasher paints. Based on the materials I have it should have gone - use liner, wait 24 hours, bake then fill with colours and leave to dry but don't try to wash them in the dishwasher! If I want the work to be more weather or washer proof then I should have bought different paints. Ah well, live and learn! I will, of course, try again with a new batch but some of these are keepers even if they may weather somewhat quicker outside than I hoped. We have some shepherd's crook hangers in the garden so J is going to wrap some wire around the necks of the jars and then we're going to try hanging some of the jars in the garden.

Hare now has a fire in it's belly!

Burning heart - simplest seems to be the most effective when lit

Amber trees glow quite well but lack definition.
That's all for now off to find some simpler designs methinks, or play with swirling colours, or make stain glass shapes or...... bug-bitten me?


  1. Correct paint or not, what you have done is quite lovely.

    Thank you for such kindness over at "Bag End", particularly when I see you have your own hard path to walk. xx


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