Friday, 15 February 2019

Pottering - February garden update

In a few short weeks many of the plants in the garden have started to put on fresh growth or come into bloom and everything is glowing in the almost-Spring sunshine.

The chard we transplanted at the beginning of the month and popped outside already has some new leaves, and assuming the slugs can't climb up to the window-ledge and we don't have too harsh a March, we'll have some homegrown salads before too much longer.

The new crocuses are putting on a wonderful show of pure sunshine by the front door- these are Orange Monarch from Hydes and so far they are everything I hoped for.

And the naturalised ones in the back garden are also bringing joy to the back garden and it looks like they'll soon be joined by the daffodils. They've actually got a lot more purple to them than is apparent in the picture.

The broad beans are also beginning to show in the garden propagator - a few more weeks of sunshine and they will be ready to plant out at the allotment and we can look forward to the first bean risotto of the year.
And soon there will be wall-flowers too so we'll be able to have home-grown honey-scented flowers in the front room's flower jugs.

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