Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Cuttings, seedlings and sowings - health check time

Today was health check day both for me and for all the seedlings and cuttings dotted on the window ledges.

The echiums, violas and pansies are all doing well and are ready to be pricked out. The welsh onions are okay but could probably doing with leaving a little while longer before we pot them on and cauliflowers are only just starting to show. Unfortunately there is no sign yet of the Brussels Sprouts or parsnips but they can be a bit slow so we'll give them a little more time before re-sowing.

The Boblets - our rubber plant cuttings - seem to be surviving well, that is to say none have keeled over yet so I'm hopeful that we'll have mini-Bobs to share. All the various succulent leaf cuttings that have been living on the windowsills for the last few months seem to be surviving well and now have roots so it's time they were pricked out into individual pots - a job for tomorrow methinks. Bob also seems to have survived his haircut and is already putting on new shoots and leaves.

At the weekend we discovered that two of the stems of twisted hazel we received in a bunch of flowers had sprouted roots in their vase so these have been popped into the ground on the off-chance we get two new shrubs from them. The wall-flower cuttings that we set to root in compost have had about a 50% success rate so they have been tidied up and set outside in their propagator to harden off and most of the lavender rooted cuttings are doing nicely too so they will need to be potted up into individual pots shortly and trimmed to encourage bushier growth - we'll probably leave these in pots until next spring so that they can really get established before planting into the ground.

Oh and as for my health check - the consultant is happy with my blood results and the treatment will continue as it is for a few more months  - so good news for me and for the plants!

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