Thursday, 7 February 2019

Sowing Time - well sort of..

Despite good intentions we just couldn't resist the call of the seed box on Monday. All gardeners must hear it surely, that little tiny voice that starts quietly and gets subtley more insistent as the days start to lengthen: "go on sow me, it'll be fine, there's plenty of room on the window sills, you know it makes sense, I don't even need to be indoors you know, you've already warmed the compost up shame to waste it...." 

So we succumbed and now have loo rolls sown with brussels sprouts, cauliflowers and parsnips - just a few, to get ahead, you know how it is...

Oh and a few of last autumn's late sown chard just cried out to be potted on - they may grow on, you never know...

Oh and there may be a few sweet peas, welsh onions, echiums, pansies and violas on the go in the back bedroom under propagator lids but there aren't any photos of those so no proof just yet...! Now what was that weather forecast?

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