Friday, 22 February 2019

Playtime part 2

My first attempt at painting on glass is complete with several lessons learned - not least that glass paint is very smelly and if at all possible should be used in a room with a window open and it helps to put the lid straight back on the bottle once you have loaded the brush! Also that the liners exist for a reason - painting on curved glass without using a liner is messy and leaves runs; and it's better to use several thin layers of paint rather than one thick one but you need to leave each layer to dry for an hour or so or you risk messing things up.  All fairly obvious now but not when I sat down to play. Fortunately the paint can be wiped, scraped or washed off if the mistakes are ones you can't live with and they are spotted before baking. There will be several clean-off-and-try-agains from this round I think but overall I'm quite happy with what I achieved given my minimal skills. 

These are destined to be tea-light holders for the garden here as I think it will be some time (if ever) before my skills are sufficient to create any decent gifts.

Beginner's kit of glass paints plus a few liners - I spent just under £30 in total on these

tracing round shrunken drawings that are blu-tacked to the inside of the glass, with out-liner tube

Works in progress - old nut butter jars will hopefully make decent tealight holders

Freehand autumn trees (honest) - hopefully will look better with a candle inside.
Dragonfly - quite pleased with this one even if it is a bit splodgy

Hare - I think this looked better before I added the scenery - ah well better luck next time!

What happens when you don't use a liner before applying the paint - a bleeding heart!
Slight improvement but room for so much more!

Baking the keepers tomorrow and then we'll see how they look with a candle in them.

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