Friday, 7 December 2018

Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt #1

My first attempt to meet the challenge of 20 themed photos as set by Eileen over at Bracelet of Days. Find out more here on my 1st December post. My 3 for this week are:

9. Peel/Peeling.

Just ready for the compost box

10. Holly.
Last year's door wreath ready to be stripped of it's wrappings and re-dressed.

19. A carved object.
My Dad started this Green Man for me, he never had the chance to finish it but it still takes pride of place on our living room window-ledge. Just about fits the criteria as the right-hand side is rough-carved out.


  1. Fab snapshots - does green man have a name? I am not sure if he is looking wise or wary or weary? What do you think?

  2. Green man has many names and features in many many stories over time... I always think this one is just watching over us.


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