Saturday, 15 December 2018

Deck the halls...

Well the living room and landing anyway..with maybe a few extra lights for the kitchen and porch.
We picked a beautiful tree up from our local farm on Friday and let it settle overnight. It's a locally grown Nordmann Spruce that will eventually be chipped and composted to make a mulch for our blueberries but that's jumping ahead a bit, for now we are enjoying having it in the house for the next few weeks. A warm pop of tradition to brighten the gloom of Midwinter.

J popped the lights on for me, we found a second set neither of us could remember buying and they look really good on the tree, so we now have one set an icy-blue-white and the other a warm-orange-white so to me, it looks a bit like having both the moon's and the sun's light on one tree. It's been a seriously soggy dismal grey day so spending a few hours decorating the tree really brightened the world. I've topped it off with a wicker star J made a few years ago from our allotment willow and has been wrapped with strings of larch cones and adorned with a mix of ornaments - red, gold and silver glass ones bought the year I moved to the Midlands and had my own tree for the first time; a clay gingerbread man made by one of my nephews when he was small; a wooden cracker made by J the first year he had a lathe; papier-mȃché baubles that used to be on our family tree and a few others picked up, given and made over the last decade. A hodge-podge of smiles and memories that will brighten the room for a few weeks before being packed away carefully wrapped in tissue paper until next December.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll dress the wreaths and bring some more green inside. I've also promised to make the first batch of vanilla & cinnamon biscuits as gifts for friends and neighbours. I do like this time of year.

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