Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Armageddon is not coming...

Oh my, despite all I've said and tried to do over the last few months, how ridiculously close I came to prepping the larder as if Christmas was Armageddon and we'd all starve. Today I had to cancel an online supermarket shopping order as I've had to delete my online shopping card (a long story but basically one of my favourite company's websites had a hacking incident), and no matter what I won't use my main account online. I stopped, took a deep breath and realised that most of the order wasn't actually necessary anyway. We have plenty of food in the house for both creative kitchen days, quick "bung it the oven" days and even really lazy "let's have a sandwich" days plus more than enough sweet treats and savoury munchies too and, after all, the shops are actually only closed for 1 day! Fool... Idiot....Sucker...! I'd not only fallen into the trap of "what-ifs", "can't-run-outs" and "oh-that-looks-nices", I'd run at it headlong and dived gleefully in. I'd scoffed at that Observer article I mentioned in this morning's blog-post and thought, how can anyone buy and waste that much food, how ridiculous, it must be wrong - and then very nearly ended up going down that same path without a backward glance.
So folks I'm going to be thankful for a hacker (but just this once) and promise to try and remember that just because I can, it doesn't mean I should....

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