Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Seedlist savoured - selections made

"Your order has been dispatched" - Happiness in an email!!

As promised we perused the Heritage Seed Library seed-list over the weekend and were relatively well-behaved, ordering more or less only the vegetables we needed- 2 carrots; 2 beetroot; 1 leek and ermm yes, the beautiful deep crimson red bean that just couldn't be resisted. If we are really lucky there will also be a surprise in the pack too as we get a lucky dip packet if we want one - and of course who could possibly say no?

So next Spring we will be sowing:
"Armenian" and "Blood Red" beetroot - one will be traditional ball shaped with defined rings and the other long rooted and slow to go woody.
"London Market" and "Manchester Table" carrots - one a deep red stumpy early variety and the other later and longer and more orangey.
"Coloma" Leek which is supposed early and long cropping with dark green leaves.

And oh yes, did I mention "Portuguese" the really beautiful crimson coloured climbing bean...

Thanks to all at Heritage Seed Library for another great list to choose from.

July 2012 Allotment beds - something to aspire to again

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