Thursday, 13 December 2018

Gardening for wildlife isn't complicated - honest!

One of the best things about having a wildlife friendly garden is that it can be the opposite of hard work and doesn't have to cost a lot of money either. Why not try supporting our resident and visiting beasties by being a bit (or in our case a lot!) untidy? Leave plant stems standing and let the odd corner grow wild this Winter and just see what happens.

This one is going to drop to the floor soon
Large apple is already being nibbled
Leave the last of any fruit hanging on the tree and the birds will thank you for it.

Verbena seed-head

Aster fluff
Leave flower stems standing as landing stages, ladybird roosts and seed-eater nibbles.

Leaves and logs

Immature ivy berries
 Don't cut back all your ivy, leave some leaves on the ground and let the odd log lie around to rot down quietly and provide food and habitat for the smallest bugs, birds and mammals. Add a pile of old bricks or broken pots and another of twigs or branches and you've created heaven!
Bricks, blocks and broken crocks

mixed feeders
Simple box with Great Tit visiting
 If you want to go further, pop up the odd bird box - they can be made simply and make great presents. If there is a bit of money to spare then make some space for a feeder or two and keep them topped up with nuts, seeds, fruit and suet for a wide variety of winged visitors.
There's a pond in there somewhere!
Shallow water for small birds

 Don't forget to add some water - shallow trays, broken terracotta pots, old saucers and of course, if you have the space a pond all provide water sources and habitat for all sorts of creatures.

In return not only will you get the warm fuzzy glow that comes with knowing that you are doing right by the land and the creatures we share it with but hours of enjoyment as you watch their antics and learn to identify your visitors. Enjoy!

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