Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Seasonal Day out

This weekend Stratford hosted its 2nd Victorian Christmas Fayre so on Saturday we headed out - our first trip on the bus with me in the wheelchair as we planned to be out for quite a while and didn't think I'd mange to walk that far - and had a great morning. It was very crowded in places which meant that the old claustrophobia was in danger of kicking in at times but there were just enough gaps to keep it at bay. It was great to see the town so busy and I hope the shops benefitted from the influx as much as the stall holders seemed to be.

There were lots of food and booze stalls which didn't really interest us but also a fair few crafts, local products and interesting gift stalls too so we may have made a few purchases.

Alpaca patterned hat
A great new hat made from Alpaca wool in Peru to keep my ears warm on cold Winter days.

Spotty kerchiefed reindeer
Some earrings which disappeared as soon as I picked them and J paid for them - they'll re-emerge on Christmas day for me to unwrap, I hope!

And this cheery fellow made by the stallholder and sold to support native woodland management in the area. It made us both smile so just had to come home with us - we convinced ourselves it was for a good cause!

We even managed to get a few errands done - our cards were posted to Canada in the hope that they'll evade the postal strike and reach their destinations before Christmas and I managed to pop into Marks and Spencer for some new slippers as mine were getting a bit worn.

Oh and we had to pause for a little while to enjoy the wonderful Alvechurch Morris performing in the heart of Town where all roads meet (or next to the Roundabout in front of the bank as it's known on an ordinary week day!)

Border Morris fun

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