Thursday, 31 January 2019

Imbolc - light in the darkness

 According Glennie Kindred in my copy of her Sacred Celebrations the end of January/beginning of February marks the old festival of Imbolc- the re-awakening of the Earth. As she says "The days are beginning to lengthen....Sap is beginning to rise....Everywhere there are signs of the Earth stirring." 

So it's time to light a candle, admire the snowdrops and once again mark the turning of the wheel.

and the promise of more to come
Perversely the first few days of February usually bring snow here in the Midlands so I'm busy watching the skies and hoping it holds off for a few days more as Hill Close Gardens in Warwick is having a couple of snowdrop days this weekend and we've planned a visit on Sunday all being well. It's J's birthday and snowdrops have always been a favourite of mine - that dainty little nodding flower emerges at the darkest time of the year, stubbornly flowering before almost everything else despite hard frosts, harsh winds and whatever else the winter decides to throw at us.

 No wonder they have been used over centuries to symbolise Hope and Rebirth.

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