Sunday, 6 January 2019

Plants for free

J spent a few more hours up the allotment yesterday wringing the last bits out of his break from work. He's managed to clear a bit more bed space and transplanted lots of lovely wall flowers and self-sown cornflowers from where they had landed to where we'd like them to grow. Cue them sulking for a while but hopefully they will establish and grow happily on when the days warm up. He also brought a few plants back to plant here at the house - these are a bit more of an experiment as the garden is clay whereas the allotment is sand but they have two choices and I'm hoping they'll thrive once they get over the shock.
Now we have window-ledge space we've got several pots of wallflower cuttings on the go too - we decided to experiment a bit with some of the straggly 3 year old plants that were too tired for moving as a whole but had plenty of good strong shoots on them. After selecting the cuttings material from the plant I've set some to root in water jars and others in a free draining mix of compost and vermiculite. The water method is really simple just a jam jar full of water and a cling film type cover. In our case it makes good use of the un-recyclable mushroom punnet covers as we don't buy cling film. This water method works really well for woody herbs like rosemary, lavender and sage and these wall flower cuttings are very similar so it will be interesting to see how they manage. They could probably do with a bit more warmth and light than usual as it's only January so they're up on our bedroom window-sill rather than the living room. 

Wallflowers of the future (we hope!)
Experimenting with rooting in water

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