Monday, 7 January 2019

Accomplishing Admin.

Got the week off to a good start this morning as I worked my way through the "to do list"- I requested some repeat prescriptions, using my surgery's online system makes this so easy to do, and because it is always available it means that I can sort them out no matter what time of day I remember them. I've also opened a new savings account, made some medical appointments, shuffled through a couple of the clutter piles and written out some birthday cards for fellow January birthdayers so now I'm feeling quite pleased with myself!  I've got friends coming for lunch this weekend so have been pondering what to make whilst at the same time finishing off my store cupboard check ready for the "big shop". Not a "no spend January" for me this year as we've been carefully using stuff up over the last month or so and now I need to restock with things like bread flour, basic dried herbs, lentils and the like. I've also added some frozen berries and other fruit to the order so I can make smoothies when I feel like it and there's no chance of it going off if I don't fancy them for a few days.  We've used up all of last year's homegrown berries and whilst there's still a fair bit of preserved apple and some fruit leathers left I do want a bit of variety to our January puddings and breakfasts.
More on the lists for tomorrow but time for a rest now!
Hope your week has begun well too.

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