Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Of new recipes, old favourites and what the heck shall I do withs...

There's been Pot stirring a plenty over the last few weeks, with Mum and J here to enjoy eating and doing the washing up after me I've really enjoyed making good use of our freezer and store cupboard supplies and those meal plans have really helped make sure we had a nice selection of meals without too much effort and no waste.

Lentil base became tasty stew 
On Thursday one of the tubs of leftover Green Dragon pie filling and a tub of mash were pressed into duty and become lentil stew.

Bean and mushroom Risotto
On Sunday the pre-christmas mushrooms and carrot were getting slightly past their best so joined some broad beans from the freezer and rice from the store cupboard in a tasty risotto.

Leek and potato soup
Yesterday was a simple leek and potato soup using up some of the tubs of pre-cooked potato from the freezer and lots of herbs.Served with a garlic bread I'd bought a while ago and discovered in the freezer!

Today I also tried out a new-to-me pie recipe from the Hairy Bikers on the BBC website that my Mum spotted a month or so ago. Unusually for me it's involved buying in several special ingredients but it's made a lovely treat for New Year's Day lunch and I don't have too many unusual things to use up quickly. I did tweak a little as I'd accidentally used up all my thyme in yesterday's soup and I didn't bother with the Marsala but popped in some extra stock instead, so I give you the really rich and definitely delicious almost entirely like the recipe Mushroom and Chestnut pie. There's none left and we were all too full to eat pudding so that's always a good sign.
New Year's day lunch - delicious with just a few roast veg.

Now what to do with about 3 ounces of pre-prepped chestnuts???

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