Thursday, 24 January 2019

January's Bookshelf

Oops where has the month gone? It has taken me a while to read just one book so far this month. I have been distracted by company, by music, by tv box-sets, by the garden birds and piles of sorting so my poor book kept being set to one side and then in the last few days an urge came upon me to finish it. Amy Snow by Tracy Rees. So finish it I have. An historical saga with a mysterious twist, it proved to be an enjoyable read once I settled to it. There's definitely something about chilly days and curling up with a book!

So what next?

Despite my best intentions I still can't quite get set into any of the non-fiction so I'm setting those aside for now and heading towards another fiction book that has been on the shelf a while - Kim Edwards' The Lake of Dreams. Published in 2011, it's another tale of mysteries buried in a family's past just waiting for someone to open a box and discover them... Are people really so careless with their secrets? or do we just assume people with secrets always want them to be discovered after they have gone?

One just finished and one to be started

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