Monday, 28 January 2019

I am not a number....

or the tale of the anarchist birds of Warwickshire!

This weekend was the annual RSPB Big Garden Bird Count (It's not too late as they've made the weekend last until today so click on the link and check out the website!)

Now since the 6th January we've had visits from Starlings, Dunnocks, Wood Pigeons, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Long Tailed Tits and Magpies plus our (I thought) resident Robin, Black Cap and Wren. Now that should make a nice little return for the RSPB shouldn't it! So there I was on Saturday all set up with my cup of tea, camera and my counting sheet  and zilch, nothing, nada - at least not until the last ten minutes when a dunnock and a wood pigeon deigned to pop by. Nevermind, thought I, its a bit grotty weather-wise - windy, damp and grey, I'll hold off and try again on Monday.

So this morning dawns, crisp, calm and cold with the most beautiful blue sky imaginable so I settle down once again with my cup of tea, camera and counting sheet. And there they are coming down in their ones and twos - a male blackbird, a pair of blue tits checking out the new bird box, a great tit, a dunnock, a pair of wood pigeons and one flitty starling. Not a bad count, you'll say what's she complaining about. Now look at the pictures below:

Count? What count?

Nope not coming down...

I'm just going to perch here...

Nothing to see here..
Magpies croaking, pigeons cooing, blackbirds singing all three gardens away!
Oh and yes the Robin rocked up about 10 minutes after the count stopped!

Happy Monday all

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