Monday, 30 September 2019

Summer Scavenger Hunt - Last post

This is my sixth and final posting in the summer photo scavenger hunt series a today is link-up day, if you click on the "Summer photo scavenger hunt" label you'll find all my posts on the theme. The hunt has been kindly hosted by Mary-Lou over at Patio Postcards and has been running for a couple of months. Please pop over to her blog for the last link-up page. I didn't quite manage the full set again but thoroughly enjoyed the hunt.

3. Repetition
These strong metal cloches were given to us when a friend gave up their plot and are great for protecting seedlings from pigeons. Laid side by side they make a satisfyingly even pattern.

15. Broken bench
The common area at the allotment has this decrepit old bench and lots of chairs as well as a newly built barbecue area that any plot holder can use. The bench is decidedly rickety and has lost it's seats but serves as a collection point for spare plants, pots or other its and pieces that we may not be able to use but other plot-holders might have a use for.

17. A sail. Revisiting the windmill painting for this one.

18. Something that should be found in pairs

This pigeon seems to have lost it's companions from earlier in the year so I think it counts as should be in a pair. He conveniently came around this morning before the rains set in.

Substitute B Fresh local produce for 1. An outdoor clock

Spoilt for choice this year but we have a wonderful crop of butternuts & uchiki kuri squashes that I couldn't resist sharing - all now hardening off in the kitchen.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos and may be inspired to take part in any future hunts


  1. Oh that poor pigeon ... & how nice is that growing all that fresh produce... thanks for joining in with SPSH - you had some wonderful finds throughout the search.

    1. Happily about an hour later he had company after all! Thank you again for hosting the hunt.

  2. You really were spoilt for choice for fresh local produce, you can't beat something you have grown yourself can you? This is such a fun project to do, I love keeping an eye out for random photos!

  3. Thanks Debs, J has worked so hard all summer keeping everything going - I'm really lucky. I think I've enjoyed seeing the photos everyone has shared as part of the hunt even more than finding my own


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