Friday, 20 September 2019

Equinox garden

The natural wheel keeps turning no matter what is going on in a pesky human's life and the garden is taking on the definite look of Autumn now that we are arriving at the Equinox. I took a toddle round on Thursday evening and took these images in the front and back garden just as the sun was beginning to set. Still warm enough to be pottering around in a tee-shirt and so dry all the pots needed watering and some of the beds are stating to look a little parched but that definite hint of chill that comes with the last rays of an Autumn day. Refreshing.  As I wandered I found myself reaching for the mint leaves, the rosemary and the roses as well as the bewitching scent of a rosy/citrussy geranium gifted by a friend - my eyes are troubling me so scent is super important at the moment and I must take some cuttings of this beautiful plant as I really don't want to lose that scent. 

Gran's rose latest flush
Dainty fuschias

Tatty but still giving us joy

Soon there will be starry asters

Gentle Hermione delighting us still

Phlox in bloom
Dahlias delighting

Rudbeckia thriving

Today is the first of the new chemo days but that is later.


  1. Such beautiful photos I so hope the horrible chemo was not to harsh on you today
    Sending love xxxxx

  2. Our Fred's rose, called 'Remember' (planted when Fred the cat died in memory) has the last rose of the year, it still smells gorgeous and if the wind comes I shall pick it and bring it in, otherwise most of the garden has done. Never mind Spring is around the corner, lol

    1. That's the joy of the garden isn't it? - always something to look forward to and even as the season fades lovely memories.


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