Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Indulgence is a box of books

In a moment of weakness I went through my book wish-list this week and ordered several titles that I'd been looking at for a while and splurged. At the moment reading paper seems to be a bit easier than screen so real books have come home and they are very beautiful too!

Susanna Kearsley, Charles de Lint and Juliet Marillier are all authors I have read in the past and thoroughly enjoyed so I will be interested to see whether I still enjoy them in the same way.

The Julie Christine Johnson is new to me and one I picked up as a recommendation on another blog or twitter I think but can't remember quite where - apologies if you were the recommender!

There may also be a copy of Barbara Erskine's The Ghost Tree on the way too...

I'm working my way through Undercurrents the new Nora Roberts at the moment (not that it requires much work!) - resting the book on my new little chair table and cushion makes it easier than holding a heavy hardback mind and I haven't got to worry about tingly fingertips not able to swipe the electronic pages!


  1. Haven't read any of the books you've featured, but I have read and do recommend Barbara Erskins 'The Ghost Tree'. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks Joan - I've enjoyed all her others so have high hopes!

  3. I love Susanna Kearsley, I've read 'The shadowy Horses' and 'The Rose Garden' but not any of the others. You have jogged me now to get another one of hers.


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