Thursday, 12 September 2019

Health and Harvests

Well yesterday was a bit of a bugger to be honest. The meeting with my consultant confirmed our fears and I'm back on chemotherapy from the end of next week as the tumours in the liver have multiplied and grown which I suppose explains why I've been feeling so grotty the last month or so. The second bit of news was that there is something going on in my head too so I am off for an MRI next week and I really really hate MRIs but it's a necessary evil if they are going to determine exactly what's going on and then there is talk of something called cyber-knife radiotherapy which sounds delightful. Still they've started me on a course of steroids which should help with the pain and sickness and things are moving quickly again so I'm grateful as ever for the speed and kindness with which my NHS specialist teams all kick into gear and they are given us options rather than giving up so whilst future posts may be a little intermittent as I get used to a new treatment regime I will still be posting pictures and musings for a while yet.

On a more cheerful note we have started harvesting beans for the winter and the first batch are dried and in their jars in the kitchen ready to be joined by the next crops. These keep for ages if dried properly and will get used over the winter in soups and stews and bakes and pies.

And the Sweet-pea pot we popped in the back garden to finish dying has offered up a generous posy of blooms as the night's cool so I have a final pretty purple offering for the kitchen.

Oh and J came across the website recently which is guaranteed to provide hours of distraction to any child of the eighties - - Beware it's a time thief.....

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