Wednesday, 31 October 2018

What matters Wednesday

Today was hospice day - a day for company, complementary therapies, a chance to chat things over with nursing staff, get support from a physio or counsellor, to wander the garden, do a jigsaw, learn a new craft or generally just be. A day provided by the wonderful Shakespeare Hospice, available free of charge to those that need support whether living with cancer, looking after someone with cancer or having lost someone to cancer. A day that has provided me with much more support and strength than I could have thought possible just a few months ago. For the last few week's it's also given a few of us the opportunity to take part in a series of workshops, helping us figure what's important to us, what might limit us, how to overcome those limits, how to reflect and redirect our needs and wants and to get the most out of whatever time is left to us. A day for reflection and a day for action, a truly valuable gift that I'm very grateful for.

To find out more about their wonderful work, and the ways people can help them continue to provide it, please take a look at their website or pop along to one of their events.

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