Tuesday, 16 October 2018

October Bookshelf

My hospital stay meant the first half of the month was spent with e-books - I'm reacquainting myself with Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series at the moment so read her Burn and The Rope this month. Not as involving as I remember the earlier ones being, although that could easily be down to circumstances rather than the series going off the boil, but The Rope provided an interesting insight into the back story of her heroine and I look forward to returning to other stories in the series at a later date. Once out I returned to the wonderful "The Dark Angel" by Elly Griffiths - this proved to be one of those books where I was both desperate to know what happened next and at the same time really didn't want to finish but I eventually succumbed and finished this just yesterday. It's complex ending has made me eager for the next one.

Next on the list and , due to flaky wi-fi today, already well on the way to being finished is The Shadow Sister the third in Lucinda Riley's wonderful Seven Sisters series. An unashamedly romantic series about 6 adopted daughters searching for their birth identities following the death of their enigmatic but much loved Pa. The Pearl Sister - Number 4 in the series is already lined up on my e-book account!

I'm noticing that fiction featuring strong female leads seem to be drawing me in at the moment which is probably not that surprising really but means the non-fiction on the book pile is being a bit neglected - maybe I'll set that to rights next month.

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