Sunday, 7 October 2018

Slow Sunday

Thalictrum back in June
Gentle day again today - once the sun had warmed the front garden a bit I sat watching J tinker with the front flower beds - weeding  and tidying then splitting and moving a thalictrum aqualegifolium that had got tangled up with our Rosa Mundi and planting out some sweet williams and primroses that had long been languishing in pots around the place.  These should boost next Spring's garden and free up some pots for bulbs and cuttings.

Peppers have thrived this year
He also lifted a few rooted cuttings of marjoram that we've not potted on for overwintering and boosting next year's supplies. We've left the peppers outside for another week as the forecast is still relatively mild but they'll have to be cleared out next weekend I think as the first frost will kill them off for sure.

It was lovely to be outside for a little while even if I couldn't actually do anything useful. Here's hoping next weekend I'll be a bit stronger and able to tinker too!

Meanwhile I have finally finished the e-book of Nevada Barr's The Rope that I began in hospital so as soon as I've watched the first of the new series of Dr Who I'll be ready to start the Elly Griffiths'. Just as well I have to take it easy as I've a feeling once I start this one I'm not going to want to put it down!

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