Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Transplanting on a Tuesday

Day two of tackling the little tasks that have been hanging over my head for a while!

So after yet another lazy start to the day this afternoon's job involved potting on the succulents that I was given last Christmas and attempting to take cuttings of the one that had gone very leggy. The wonderful J had already mixed a bucket of compost at the weekend so I wouldn't hurt myself trying to move bags of sand or compost and all I had to do was add the perlite - even I can lift a bag of perlite!

I've never been particularly keen on succulents, probably because I associate them with cacti and I'm allergic to the spiny bits on a cactus, but these were a gift from my colleagues after I fell ill last year so that makes them special and I want to give them all the care I can. So after a bit of asking around on Twitter a garden blogger called Grow like Grandad pointed me in the right direction and directed me to his article explaining how to care for and propagate my little plants.

From these three little pots:

Came lots of leaf cuttings and a few plantlets and two plants with more room to breathe:

And one less job on that list - let's hope at least a few of those cuttings take so I have some plants to share with others...

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