Sunday, 14 October 2018

Return to some kind of normality

It's been a soggy, blustery, Autumnal weekend here in the Midlands but we're slowly getting back to our normal routine after the health related hiatus of the last few weeks. I managed a brief foray into the garden yesterday to retrieve a chive pot for the winter, pick the last few peppers from the plant and cut back the marjoram and mint in the back garden whilst J helped one of neighbours cut back a very overgrown ivy that spanned the border between our two houses - don't worry there are still plenty of lovely ivy flowers in our garden where it's not causing any problems for anyone so the bees and moths have plenty of food left to help them get through the winter.

When we retreated from the weather and the dark we returned to the first of the stash of jigsaw puzzles that have been lurking in the cupboards. I began this on Thursday. It's a beautiful scene from the Thomas Kinkade series but has some really tough bits so has kept two stubborn brains thoroughly occupied for a couple of days. I'm determined to finish it before J returns on Thursday!

Before the puzzle called to us again this morning J helped me sort through the larder so I can now resume planning meals, shopping the cupboards and adding a bit more structure to the coming days.

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