Monday, 29 October 2018

Mending on a Monday

The weekend saw the clocks go back and the chilly weather begin in earnest so this morning I finally gave in and popped the summer dresses, tops and skirts in their bag for over-wintering and pulled the shawls and scarves and a couple of jumpers out of the winter bag. It also turned into "sort the tights drawer out morning" which led to "really can't ignore the mending pile any longer afternoon". Now sewing is not my favourite domestic chore nor is it one that I'm particularly proficient at but I will not throw a sock or a pair of thick tights out just because there is one tiny hole in it so out came the much neglected sewing box and then the discovery of another bag of mending that had obviously got shoved to the back of the cupboard (oops!). I'm now the proud re-owner of 6 extra pairs of tights, 3 pairs of socks, a cardigan that had lost a button and a jumper whose embroidered pattern had started to come adrift plus a repaired lingerie washing bag that had got a hole in. I also discovered a pair of trousers in the bag that are now much too big so they're headed for the charity bag. I also surprised myself by enjoying the process and the feeling of accomplishment that arose from this gentle but productive stitching session. Maybe I should dig my old cross-stitch kit out after all!

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