Monday, 29 July 2019

Weekend of two halves!

A wonderfully damp start to Saturday gave J a chance to play in the shed and potter around after recovering from the heat on Friday and gave me a chance to potter in the kitchen concocting a variation on the Green Risotto from a couple of weeks ago. It meant I could use up the courgette, peas, onions and beetroot leaves from last week's harvest as the week had been far to hot for any serious cooking and I didn't want anything going to waste. Given that I had extra veg available I reduced the rice to 3/4 of a mug and used bought-in bouillon powder to replace the onion powder. A quick stir of feta cheese just before serving and we had the rainbow harvest on a plate.

Climbing beans doing what they do best
Cheery sunflowers
Sunday was a potter up to the allotment to restock the supplies and do a bit of weeding before coming back for a quick lunch and a chill out - at least that was the plan but we had a bit of a mishap with the phone line when J tried to clear up the storm damaged clematis. Still the lovely folk at BT came out this morning and fixed in so my internet and emergency button are now back in working order and all is well. 

courgettes and apples
Beets, berries, peas and flowers

sunflowers, rudbeckia and cornflowers

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