Friday, 26 July 2019

Buds and blooms of High Summer

For the first time in years, possibly ever, it looks like we are going to head into August with colour in both the front and back gardens. They've always looked great in May and June but then the flowers tend to taper off as the summer heat rises and August arrives. This year however we seem to have finally cracked it - the dahlias left over from the Blooms for Bees trial a couple of years ago are already blooming again, joining the lavender, violas, gaillardia, petunias, scabious and hollyhocks in joyful abandon. In the last few days they are being accompanied by a second flush on the roses and new buds on the rudbeckia, summerina, monarda, achillea, fuschias and anemones which should all come together to make a lovely showing over the coming weeks. Sadly our neighbours lovely clematis fell foul of the storm earlier in the week and had to be cut right back so now we'll need to untangle the dead foliage from our porch over the weekend. I shall miss it's purple-y shade and the sparrows will miss the bugs that it harboured. It's a hardy beauty though, so should grow back over the summer and autumn ready for spring flowering. In the meantime we'll just have to make do with these lovelies.

Gentle Hermione

Mystery pink

Dark Lady



Sunflower Little Leo

Rudbeckia Marmalade


Evening primrose

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