Saturday, 27 July 2019

Seedlings and seed-heads

After the horrendous heat of mid week today has been much cooler and rather wet so a blessed relief for both garden and gardeners.
We've reached that time of year when we are starting ear-mark plants ready to collect seed for next year or to leave to stand for decoration and wildlife food. Poppies, nigella, cornflowers and hollyhocks are all seeding beautifully now, and soon the early sown beets will join them. However we're also sowing biennials and late cropping veggies - extra beets, salads, kale and in hope of a long season, some dwarf french beans.  As of this morning the beets and kale are doing well as are the wallflowers but no sign of the beans -  there's still time though so we won't fret yet.

Nigella seed-head just about to burst

Poppy heads just waiting to pop

Wallflowers for next year

Kale for winter

Beetroot for autumn salads


  1. Some of the seed heads are quite attractive. I have little bags over my white poppy seed heads, trying to ensure a harvest of seeds.

    1. Lovely aren't they. Paper bags are a really good way of catching them.


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