Monday, 1 July 2019


The seventh month has arrived and with it slightly heavier, warm days and muggy nights. Minimal rain in the forecast for the weeks ahead so we needed a watering trip to the lotty yesterday. It's also bringing out the butterflies and other creatures - looks like we've lost a couple of squash plants and the onions are still looking decidedly patchy but the cornflowers are still glorious, the potatoes are flowering well and the peas are podding up wonderfully. The edge of the pea and bean bed is a profusion of accidental but very welcome flowers - poppies, borage, chamomile plus the intentionally planted tagetes all providing food for critters and joy for humans. Now it's time to finish planting out the tender annuals and start sowing the bi-annuals and brassicas. The wheel turns again.

Beautiful border edges
Purple flowered potatoes

Dainty little lentil flowers

Salmon-flowered peas

Peas podding up

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