Thursday, 25 July 2019

Dabbling done for this week

As the extreme heat has largely stopped play outside today I finished off the watercolour pictures I have been dabbling with this week. I ended up painting a second version of the landscape as I managed to flick ink onto the first and wasn't sure how well I could cover it up, so here I give you the finished articles.

This is the original - as you can see I attempted the bird after all - not quite as bad as my first few attempts but definitely more cartoony than I'd been hoping for!

The second one was done more or less on one sitting and is definitely more "inspired by" the original photo than a faithful copy.

Meanwhile I'm trying to decide whether this attempt at a hare - yes really!- is more kangaroo, donkey or Bottom's Ass from Midsummer Night's Dream....

Ahh well I enjoyed playing and it kept me occupied out of the sun, back to the drawing board next week.


  1. Oh my - these are wonderful. I envy your talent. I think your bird looks just fine - he reminds me of the very large crows we have in our garden.

  2. Thank you, that's really kind. It's just a really absorbing way of passing the time.


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