Saturday, 13 July 2019

Six on Saturday 13th July 2019

Morning Blog-land today is my monthly link-up with The Propagator's Six on Saturday meme. Check out his post here for instructions on how to join in and take a look at his blog for links to lots of wonderful gardens from all around the world. My previous posts can be found by clicking on the #SixOnSaturday label.

Today's offering are floral.

1. We're hitting peak hollyhock in the garden at the moment - the leaves may be tatty due to rust but the flowers are beautiful and providing pollen a plenty. These were scatter sown last year from seed gathered from one plant that regrows each year between the paving cracks in the front garden. Really pleased with the mix of colours that has emerged from the red original.

2. The first pot of sweet-peas is producing a bunch of sweetly-scented blooms each week and looks wonderful growing up our willow tower. There's a second one growing nearer the door which should start flowering in a week or so.

3. The Gaillardias are producing lots of lovely firey blooms - these are Carnival and Frenzy.

4.  The lavender is reaching it's prime now and is adding a lovely fragrant touch to our weekly posies. We've two different types in the garden but I can't remember either variety - sorry!

5. The Alan Titchmarsh Rose is still flowering well in the front border and has turned into a huge plant this year. We're also getting a few lovely peachy pale blooms on the cuttings we raised from my Gran's rose when we cleared her house a few years ago.

6. Our pansies were raised from seed this year and have provided weeks and weeks of lovely cheery blooms. We'll be sowing a new batch this weekend so that we have winter/spring flowering plants too.

Happy Saturday all.


  1. It seems to be the year for hollyhocks & yours are tall & healthy. Amazing, as you said, all those colours from an original red. Love the blanket flower as well, plus have serious sweet pea envy, as I didn't plant any this year. Big mistake!

  2. Wow your hollyhocks are fab. I've grown some from seed this year, all still small. Next year perhaps!

    1. Thank you. The seed was scattered in a fit of defiance against the cancer early last Spring and continues to give me lots of happiness as each bud opens and I'm still around to see them.


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