Saturday, 27 April 2019

Slow TV

Spent the last few days popping in and out of a wildlife camera screening live footage from a Kestrel nest box on the Loughborough University campus.

It's one of many such cameras up and down the country, and indeed around the world that give you a chance to watch nature in action. The Loughborough Kestrels even have their own twitter account @Lborokestrels and at the moment you can watch as they begin to incubate 3 beautiful eggs. If you get hooked you can also check out the antics of the Leamington Spa Peregrines and the Dyfi Ospreys via the Wildlife Trusts in their area or on Youtube.

Even farther afield there's a camera watching the Brown Bears in Alaska!

Great for raising awareness and lowering blood pressure. Enjoy


  1. There's one somewhere in Suffolk or Norfolk watching peregrines (Norwich Cathedral?) and somewhere owls too - mentioned on local news. Amazing to get such a close up of their world

    1. Yes they provide such a lovely insight.


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