Friday, 12 April 2019

Friday pottering...

Pottering continues to be the name of the game at the moment. This morning with the help of J and the trundle trolley I managed to walk up to the little fabric shop that is a short way along our road. It's not far but seems a long way when you haven't been out and about much for a few weeks! But I had a goal in mind and needed the exercise so off we set.

Freedom on 3 wheels - the trundle trolley
It's a proper little specialist shop - a mix of dressmaking, upholstery, curtaining and quilting fabrics, a whole host of ribbons, threads and beautiful buttons and other sundries with expert staff to boot. Now as much as I admire these things I'm no stitcher (as previous posts will have shown) but I did want some cord or ribbon for my necklace project. Unfortunately but not surprisingly the cords were for upholstery so had fabric edging for stitching on to seating covers but the choice of ribbons meant this didn't matter a jot!

Just the right shade
So I'm now the proud owner of some lovely olive ribbon ready for remaking the necklace next week, oh and some purple and a bit of burgundy and maybe some navy too plus a pack of needles with bigger eyes in than my current supply and something called a snagging needle which caught both of our eyes and will hopefully help repair a few knitted jumpers in our collection that have got caught on brambles, thorns, rosebushes, or the myriad of tools that J carries around on his belt and in his pockets! There may also have been a few very beautiful buttons that I admired but I did resist - the idea was to buy things that would help me make better use of what I already have not start a whole new stash of things! So all set for playing next week.
Bundles of prettiness
New tool

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