Saturday, 20 April 2019

A Good Friday...

It's been a bit of a tired week this week, I think going on five weeks on antibiotics is taking it's toll. Still things are improving and the glorious sunshine of the last couple of days is helping. Yesterday was a shuffle plants and seedlings about and then sit in the garden day.
We took the early bulb pots out of the decorative planters at the front and planted up new pots with the pansies and violas we've been growing from seed. Not only is this a cheaper way of having lots of bedding plants, it also means we know that they are grown in peat-free compost and with no pesticides or herbicides added, so we've got guilt-free colour all year round. Dropping them into the decorative planters like this means refreshing the display is much easier and less wasteful. The bigger pots are still going strong so no need to worry about them for a few weeks yet. Mind you, we did have to rescue a couple of gaillardia that happily shared a pot with a delphinium last year but now it's established it wants the whole pot to itself.

Door pots - the scent is lovely
Fresh growth creates a lush corner - must remember to water

Lovely contrasts of red tulips against the green foliage

From tiny cutting to beautiful abundant flowers in just a few years

This is actually our neighbour's but we love that it's happy on our porch railings too.

Once done we decided to just sit in the back garden and enjoy. All around us the birds sang, bees buzzed and butterflies flitted, a lovely start to the weekend

Cowslip heaven


  1. Your pots look great! Have never thought of growing bedding plants from seed like that myself. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Gillian. It's been great and means we get to have plants all year round.
      Have a good weekend.


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