Monday, 15 April 2019

Re-making, re-purposing - necklace update

choker pendant as bought

Remember the choker pendant I wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, I've been playing around with it today to make a necklace that I can wear.

Three separate useful parts
At the weekend J used his hot air gun to separate the clasp and the cords which enabled me to remove the pendant. I'm planning on offering the clasp to the Hospice craft team to see if they can use it in any jewellery making sessions they have - I can't wear this kind of metal unfortunately. I'm still pondering on what to do with the cords but have a few ideas.

Ribbon threaded... 
... and knotted
I used some of the olive ribbon I bought on Friday and threaded the pendant onto it. To keep it centred and stop it sliding about I've threaded it over twice and knotted it on. Then I've knotted the top of the ribbon so there are no scratchy components to worry about.

So now I have a new necklace ready to wear and ermm maybe a few other projects for another day....

New to me..

and for another day....


  1. Love that colour Green, great up cycle and lots of ribbon left for projects. Cxx

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to wearing it.


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