Thursday, 4 April 2019

Gently doing

Slowly getting back into a routine here and feeling well enough to start looking around for projects and pastimes for when Mum heads back home next week. The day I fell ill again the Hospice had a little pop up shop and so I couldn't resist a couple of new shawly scarves - lighter weight for the changing seasons and oh so pretty - a quick wash (thanks Mum) and they were ready to go. But that wasn't all...

Strands and swirls of green 
My eye was also caught by this pretty choker type pendant - it has a metal lobster claw clasp and cords and in it's present form I can't wear it - the metal will bring my skin out in a rash and the cords are too short and will catch on various scars. So I can hear the question - why on earth buy it then? Well, it has the loveliest disc pendant with peridot green coloured stones - one about 1cm diameter and the other really tiny, a couple of olive coloured patches, a tiny emerald coloured stone and a little patch of diamant├ęs in a really pretty abstract "celestial" design. All for only £1.50.

Pretty, shiny and in my favourite shades of green
My current plan is to remove the cords and clasp and either find a longer, thicker cord that I can string the pendant onto but it will need to be fairly soft cord so it doesn't rub or use a ribbon instead so it becomes a lovely wearable piece. And as for the rest of it - well if I can find a way to remove the clasp without damaging it I'll see if the hospice can add it to their craft supplies and then there are several possible options kicking around my mind for the cords - plaited key ring cords, plant ties or maybe a twisted cord bracelet - but we'll see how far my skills match my imagination later on.


  1. Isn't that stunning and so unusual. I am wearing a cardi in similar shades today.

    1. I know, I just couldn't resist when it caught the light. Really looking forward to playing with it to make it wearable for me. Thanks for stopping by


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