Monday, 4 March 2019

Picture post - Spring starting to Sprout

Saturday 2nd March - a quick check on our plot

Nodding daffodils just opening

Crab apple budding

New growth from the Feverfew 

Female Hairy footed flower bee making use of the dead-nettle

Hairy Footed Flower Bee Landing

Loaded up and flying off to the next one

Spiky gooseberries sprouting

Stubborn strawberries keep coming back in the path area!

Alkanet new growth - wild but kept for compost and mulch


  1. Feverfew makes such a lovely bright spot at this time of year.

    Everything is budding nicely - hope we don't get too much cold weather

    1. Thank you Sue, I was pleased to see that the fruit trees hadn't got too carried away by last week's warmth and seem to be pretty much where we'd want them.


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