Thursday, 7 March 2019

Garden therapy

It's a bit of a "meh" day today - weather is grey, blustery and a tad chillier than of late and I'm feeling a little sorry for myself - nothing major just one of those days -  so thought I'd have a quick potter down the garden to see what the plants thought of the day and put some food out for the birds. Only 5 or 10 minutes because it really was chilly but even that was enough to brighten the morning inside. In a bid to spread the joy this is what is flowering this morning:

Over-wintered wall-flowers on the verge of opening

Last year's baby daffodils and a few grape hyacinths

The pot may be broken but the daffies are still pretty

King of the Striped living up to it's name
And to add to the joy a little male black-cap popped out of the hedge to drink from the crocks bucket!

Therapy complete :)

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