Saturday, 30 March 2019

Being home taking baby steps

Been home a few days now, the wonderful NHS are sending in a community nurse team 3 times a day to administer antibiotics and keep an eye on dressings, temperatures etc. It's a service I'd never even heard of and is already speeding up my recovery compared with the last attack I had of this infection back in October. They are truly wonderful, as are J and my Mum. Yet again her visit here has been interrupted by an "episode" but she's taken it in her stride, kept going with the washing, tea making, keeping family in the loop and keeping an eye on me, reminding me when she thinks I've been on my feet too long (usually about 20 minutes before my body will choose to do the same!) and being the bloody wonderful human being she always has been. Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in the UK - planned trip out isn't going to be able to happen now, but we'll do it later on when this bleeping infection is beaten and the keel is restored to even. Thanks Mum.

J has juggled work, chores, hospital visits, long train journeys, early starts and late finishes, and also being a bloody wonderful human being - I'm lucky to have several in my life! Thank you my love. He's off up the allotment today to put the potatoes in as the chits on the Homeguard were getting so long we had visions of the marching off up the road on their own - it's safe to say they really want to grow!

Yesterday I managed a bit of a potter around the garden, visiting with seedlings and seeing what has bloomed in the last week and what is showing promise for the next month or so. We have some beautiful violets, wallflowers, muscari and cowslips all now in full flow and the bulb pots around the front are looking wonderful. My evening photography skills need a bit of work - and my hand might not have been as steady as I would have liked but below are some snaps from dusk yesterday. All being well we'll be pricking out some tagetes and petunias later and thinking about sowing some herbs too. Soil and plants are as usual helping with those baby steps back to me.  Bye for now Txx

Muscari and wallflowers on "waterbutt corner"
Cowslips on the edge of our "no-mow" area

Tulips and geraniums - promise of colour to come

Chives re-emerging - might need to weed the pot a bit

Soft blue in the rosemary hedge


  1. o glad your home and being taken care of..its lovely to have family to support you through this.Your husband sounds wonderful and your mum..
    Bless you i hpe that you get back to your normal soon..

    1. Thank you so much, I really am lucky with everyone I have around me. You kind words mean a lot. "See" you around Txx


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