Thursday, 22 November 2018

Whirlwind Week

Not quite sure where the week has gone! The weekend was fun - J potted up the pansies grown from seed and then shuffled a few of the pots around outside so we'll be able to see them flower from the back door later in the winter. He also popped a couple of seed feeders on to hooks in the front porch so I can see the birds from the front room. These are a lovely addition to the repaired stand in the back garden so I can add garden bird spotting to my list of winter distractions. Hopefully they'll find the feeders soon and I can pepper future blog posts with cheery pictures. We also started a new jigsaw but this one may be even more of a challenge than the previous ones - it's an impressionist painting with all the fuzzy colours that that implies - it'll keep us busy for quite a few weeks I think!

I've had a couple of medical appointments this week with some good news from the consultant on Wednesday - looks like my current treatment is working and keeping the cancer under control so I'm on an even keel for a while with no treatment changes for the next few months if all goes to plan. Hopefully this means I can focus on improving the strength in my back and legs and getting out and about a bit more. Actually Wednesday was a really good day - I had the chance to play with some glass paints at the hospice and came home with a little tealight holder that I had decorated with an owl. This was really therapeutic and quite simple to do once we had managed to get the template positioned on the inside. Then I could trace round the edges with a liner and fill in the spaces. I'm really pleased with the result but you can judge for yourself as it's in the last of this week's snapshots.

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