Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The power of a song

After reading today's post from Suffolk Sue over at "The Cottage at the End of the Lane" I started to think about the music that sparks memories or emotions for me. So here is a selection.

My Mum and Dad taught my sister and me to swim back in the early 1970s, it was a small pool at the place where they worked with a really echoey plastic roof but we were always  accompanied by a Roger Miller cassette tape. The Buffalo herd song always makes me smile on the rare occasions I hear it on the radio and I have been known to hunt it down on Youtube, just because - Happy times!

My teenage years were the 1980s - Duran Duran, Adam and the Ants, Nik Kershaw and Howard Jones kicked off the fun and provided the sound track to my middle school years then came high school and Simply Red, Sting and INXS. 

Then came university and the joy of live music and big city living  The Mission, the Sisters of Mercy, All About Eve, The Waterboys, The Levellers, Hothouse Flowers and Fairground Attraction mixed with soft rock, Indie music and a thousand and one other influences from shared houses, gigs and nights out. These are just a few of the favourites and there could have been so many more...

The Levellers proved to be a stayer and led me back in to folkier folk songs over time. Unfortunately I can't find a shareable copy of The Boatman on youtube as that one reminds me so much of when J and I met in the mid 90s. For a long while we shared a dream of owning a narrow boat - until I realised just how claustrophobic I get - but shared joy in the song remains. But this one  - "One Way" also expresses a sentiment which I believe in to this day:

So much fun - thanks to Sue for the inspiration.

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