Thursday, 29 November 2018

November plotting part 2

Last Saturday we took a trip to the plot so J could collect some of the fallen leaves ready to make that magical ingredient that all organic gardeners treasure - leaf mould. The perfect ingredient for mulches, potting composts and seed sowing in the Spring, it takes a year or so to rot down and can't be bought in any store. 

Whilst he raked and swept and filled a cubic metre compost bin with the finest autumn treasure, I took a little stroll along the path and collected pictures of the creamy hazel catkins and russet coloured alkanet leaves, the last of the fading blue cornflowers and deepest pink sedum and the bare skeletons of the wonderful old gnarly bullace that sits in our hedgerow and the apple trees dotted across the plot. As I pottered about and then snuggled up in the car under my blanket to wait for J to finish I started to feel a bit like Frederick the mouse gathering colours and feelings whilst all the other mice gathered grain and nuts for the winter but rather than weaving stories I hope to use some of the photos to help my painting efforts over the coming months. December is nipping at our heels and the seasons are definitely turning - tomorrow is willow cutting day...

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