Friday, 9 November 2018

Fiendish puzzles for fretting minds

It's been a week full of medical appointments and scans so J has worked from here for the week so he can be around to help me to and from the hospital as needed - his bosses are wonderful and have been really accommodating so he doesn't have to use too much holiday time up when I have busy weeks like this. This also means our evening downtime has been shared so the jigsaws have been out in force! A lovely neighbour has loaned us a couple of Wasgijs - we'd never heard of these before but they are a real brain test - you don't make the picture on the box but have to work out what the picture is from the clues on the box and the scene that emerges as you begin to put the pieces together. In this case it was what was going on behind the photographer from the point of view of the groom. Now spacial awareness isn't one of my strengths so getting my head around this took a bit of trial and error but the one we did this week was based around a wedding and proved to be great fun. I won't attach a picture of the finished article so as not to spoil it for anyone else (and also because the picture I took came out really shakily!) . The box though doesn't give anything away so here it is:

The second one is Christmas themed so we're hoping our neighbour will let us keep it until next month and we'll do it when my Mum comes up to stay. I've also got a feeling we might be hunting for a few more of these when we next do a charity shop stroll.
They provide a brilliant distraction for a fretting mind and this one gave us a wonderful giggle when we realised what the story was!

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