Sunday, 4 November 2018

November bookshelf

As predicted it didn't take me very long at all to read the two Lucinda Riley books in my e-pile and now I'm holding myself back from buying the next one which was published on 1st November - I want to make a bit of headway on the pile in the house before buying or borrowing any new ones and I just know that as soon as The Moon sister comes into the house I'm going to have to read it!

First up in this month's reading pile is A talent for murder by Andrew Wilson. This crime story is an imagining of the events that led up to Agatha Christie's famous disappearance in 1926 and I'm currently just about to start Chapter 5. A new author for me, this is one of the Mr B's subscription books I mentioned in a previous post and so far it is proving an intriguing read. 

Next up will be the wonderful and amazingly prolific Nora Roberts' Shelter in place - this is one of her stand-alone novels and I'm assuming it's going to be the same treat to read as all her books are. She has another due out next month and I'm a few behind in the series she writes under the pseudonym J.D Robb so will not be short of treats over the coming months! 

Adriana Trigiani is an author I have dabbled with on the past and this one is her 2005 novel Rococo from the Hospice's book exchange - I need to read this, pop a little review in it and pop it back on the shelf for someone else to find. Several years ago I read and enjoyed her Big Stone Gap series so it will be interesting to try this one and see if my tastes have changed at all. 

My non-fiction book for this month is also from Mr B's list and is by Wendell Berry - The world-ending fire is a collection of essays published just last year. According to the incredibly useful website Fantastic Fiction "With grace and conviction, Wendell Berry shows that we simply cannot afford to succumb to the mass-produced madness that drives our global economy - the natural world will not survive it." I'm looking forward to trying this but have a feeling my brain will need to be fully awake before I try and expect to need to read it more than once!

November Bookpile

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