Sunday, 6 October 2019

Yesterday J went to the allotment and brought back a trolley full of joy!

It's a 3 mile walk to the allotment and a 3 mile walk back and when I can't drive that's what he does - sometimes a friend will give him a lift back and yesterday he managed to get a bus back part way. He mowed and tidied and harvested and then brought all these wonderful things back to me using an old shopping trolley pressed into service many moons ago. 

Rudbeckia, sedum, yarrow, penstemon and sunflowers for the living room

Close up in the living room

Rudbeckia, tagetes and yarrow for the kitchen

Sedum, rudbeckia and tagetes in the kitchen

Last few courgettes

Box of beans

Apples galore
The courgettes were popped onto last night's homemade pizza and today we'll pod the beans and set them to dry in the dehydrator. The apples are destined for cakes and fruit leathers. The flowers are just bringing a smile to my face whenever I look at them.

And then there's this little video of picking the apples with the picking pole which made me smile as I could see the orchard corner and feel like I was there!

I may not be able to get to the plot at the moment but he's making sure I know it's still there and that means more than I can ever say xx

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  1. It is the little thoughtful things that really let you know how much someone loves you.


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