Thursday, 10 October 2019

Wombling for a good cause

This week I'm channelling my inner womble and finally using up some of the stash of card, tissue paper, ribbons, cords and other bits and pieces from packaging and gifts that we've always known would come in useful one day. For the last few years the lovely folk at Transition Loughborough have taken part in the local church's Christmas Tree Festival to spread the message about low-impact living and offer practical hints and tips to folk who go along to enjoy the festivities. This year they are going for a giveaway of seeds as part of their display which means I can actually do something practical to help from here by making up some packages using our own saved seeds. So, dear reader I give you the cost-me-nothing and almost-completely-home-compostable seedy cracker!

1. Using quartered loo roll inners and tubes made from the card sheets that you get new clothes and similar stuff, I made little tubes.

2. A twist of newspaper is
filled with seed and short growing instructions written on a pretty label.
3. And then  popped inside the tube.

4. A wrap of paper soon becomes a cracker tied with cord, ribbon or oddments of embroidery thread.

4. A simple pretty little giveaway that, with the exception of some of the re-used ties and the little bit of sellotape is waste free but fun.

Obviously you can decorate them with all sorts and I did pop a button on one to make it pretty but then realised that the recipient would have to dispose of anything that couldn't be composted so went back to plain and simple.


  1. What a wonderful idea doing crackers with seeds!.I would love to attend this event because Im only up the road in Leicester and I always enjoy these sort of things.Ive just looked at what church it is,but Im not to sure what the days and times are.Does it mean just Weds and Sun...or is it all the days in between?..Hope you get what I mean,lol,xx

    1. Hi Debi, I'll double check for you with J when he wakes up!

    2. Hi Debi, The church will be open to the public during set hours and for a small charge between 27th November and 1st December so that folk can look at the trees. It looks like there will also be concerts and services around the festival too - this is the church's calendar -
      Have fun!


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