Saturday, 5 October 2019

Saturday stories

Chemo number three went ok yesterday - I was very tired by the time we got home but as usual J looked after me and I managed to stay awake to enjoy the delights of Gardener's World and some of the evening comedy shows before crashing out. My hair has now started coming away in earnest which was distressing on Wednesday when it began and is now irritating as I keep finding myself with a furry keyboard and trackpad. I've got plenty of hats and scarves at the ready for when I need them but could really do without the fur-balls!

This morning I'm not too bad so J has left me with everything I might need and headed up the plot for a harvesting trip - with a bit of luck there should be beans, spuds, apples and flowers to look forward to later today.

Talking of beans J brought some dried pods back from the community allotment in Loughborough on Thursday night - really ugly looking pods but look at the lovely shiny treasure held inside.

dried ugly and brown pods

Shiny black runner beans ready to finish drying.

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